Trustee’s Annual Report & Financial Statements 2002

On 5 April 2002 the value of the Fund was £3,801m (prior year £3,921m) having received £77m in total from the Trustees of the Eurotherm Pension Scheme, Eurotherm Executive Superannuation Scheme and the Gestra (UK) Ltd Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme, following their mergers with the Scheme. In addition, £17m was received as a Group transferin from the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme, and £20m (prior year £65m) paid to the Trustees of schemes established by purchasers of former Invensys plc businesses to provide benefits for former employees. The investment return on the assets was 0% (prior year – 0.9%) against a benchmark of –0.5% (prior year -4.0%). Further details are provided within the Investment Report on pages 19 to 22. 

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