Investment Committee

All decisions regarding the investment of the Scheme's assets are the responsibility of the Trustee Board. With this in mind, an Investment Committee meets at least once a quarter to review the Scheme's investments and make recommendations to the Board regarding changes in investment strategy or managers. The Investment Advisors, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other Advisors also attend the meetings.

The Committee members work closely with River & Mercantile, the Scheme's Investment Advisor, to ensure that they are aware of the best forms of investment to meet the needs of the Scheme. They also liaise closely with the Company

Audit & Risk Committee

The Trustee is committed to ensuring the Scheme's objectives are met by managing risk effectively, using controlled structures with effective decision-making processes and adopting pensions industry best practices wherever this is appropriate for the Scheme.

The ARC is responsible for ensuring the Scheme's risks are accurately identified, evaluated, controlled and monitored to best practice levels. It also overseas reporting of financial metrics and appoints internal and external auditors. 

Pension Governance Committee

The Trustee is committed to ensuring the Scheme is administered effectively and efficiently.  Members’ data needs to be protected, pension payments need to be accurate and legitimate and records need to be complete.

In order to oversee the administration of the scheme and to exercise Trustee discretions, the Board has created a Pension Governance Committee (PGC).

The committee oversees the EO’s review and monitoring of the third party administrator’s (TPA) performance in respect of the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution sections of the Scheme.