Trustee Directors

Nominated from deferred or pensioner membership

Nathan Blackwell

Nominated from Pensioner membership

Ian Fyfe

Will Spinney

Nigel Casson-Moss

Peter Vos

The Role of the Trustee

The 'Trustee' of the Scheme is a limited company – Invensys Pension Trustee Limited – that is governed by a legal trust deed arrangement with Invensys.

The Scheme's pensioners nominate four Directors, who must be in receipt of their IPS pensions. This brings the total membership of the board, when at full strength, to nine. Together, these Directors are known as the ‘Trustee’ of the Scheme.

The Trustee's role is to administer the Scheme in accordance with the Scheme rules in the interests of all Scheme members.

This includes:

  • Receiving contributions from Invensys when required

  • Investing the Scheme's assets

  • Paying the beneficiaries of the Scheme

The rules of the Scheme state that the Company determines its level of contributions after considering the advice of an actuary. The actuary also ensures that these contributions at least meet the minimum requirements of the Pensions Act 2005.

The Trustee must also make decisions about individual cases. These include the payment of benefits, such as lump sum payments after the death of a pension fund member, children's pensions and ill-health pensions.

The Trustee is also responsible for setting out the key elements of the Scheme's investment policy. This is produced after consultation with Invensys and appropriate advice from advisers. The Trustees then appoint investment managers to deal with day-to-day investment decisions in line with their investment policy and any other restrictions on investments contained in the Scheme rules.


Kathleen O'Donovan, Chairman

Kathleen has been a member of the Board since 1991 and was appointed Chairman in February 2003. As Chief Financial Officer of BTR and Invensys between 1991 and 2002, she has been deeply involved in the Scheme for many years. Previously a partner with Ernst & Young, Kathleen has held a number of non-executive directorships, including ARM Holdings plc, Prudential plc, the Bank of England and O2 plc.

IPS PICOT+Michel.jpg

Michel Picot

Michel has been a Trustee of Pension Funds linked with French Parent Companies since 2007. He started his career as an auditor with KPMG and held various international Financial and Executive positions in listed groups, both in France and abroad. He is a Strategy and Management Consultant for High Tech developing companies and sits on various Boards as Independent Director. Michel is employed by 20-20 Trustee, an independent UK Trustee Firm, which was appointed to the Board in December 2018.


Nathan blackwell, General Membership Director

Nathan worked for 12 years at Invensys’ London HQ, where he was ultimately appointed as Director of Corporate Finance. He later joined Thales as UK M&A and Commercial Director. Nathan now works as a director for PWC within its pensions consulting team. Nathan has worked on a number of pension initiatives and he brings that experience with him to the Board. Nathan was appointed to the Board in December 2013.


Ian Fyfe, Deputy Chairman

Ian is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Management Accountant. He worked for 21 years in various financial and management roles in the Angus and Dunlop Groups. He then managed the Dunlop Group Pension Scheme from 1982 until its merger with other BTR schemes in 1988, when he became General Manager of the BTR Group Pension Scheme until his retirement in 1996. Since then, he has served as a Director of the Trustee Company.

IPS will spinney.jpg

Will Spinney

Will joined Invensys in 2000 and worked in the treasury department in the London HQ, first as Deputy Treasurer, then Group Treasurer. He was heavily involved with the major refinancings in 2004 and 2006 and dealt with pension issues as part of those. He was a fiduciary of the Invensys US pension scheme while he was Group Treasurer. Since 2007, Will has been working for the professional body for corporate treasurers, writing and teaching extensively. Will was appointed to the Board in December 2018.


nigel casson-moss

Nigel has 30 years’ experience as a Finance Director in the UK manufacturing industry. He became a Trustee Director of the T&N Retirement Benefits Plan in 1999. He subsequently became Pension and Benefits Manager for the T&N Group in 2001. He joined Invensys Pensions in January 2004 as General Manager, working for the Trustee Board, with executive responsibility for the Scheme, including the Administration Office in Newcastle. Nigel retired in September 2008, and was elected as a Pensioner Director of the Invensys Pension Scheme in February 2010.

Peter vos

Peter is a Chartered Accountant and a trustee with financial responsibilities for four charities. He retired in 2012 from Parker SSD Drives, a former subsidiary of Eurotherm, where he worked for 31 years, holding a variety of senior financial roles until moving into general management to head SSD Drives Europe. After Invensys bought Eurotherm, he also worked as Chief Financial Officer at Baan in the Netherlands. As a Member-Nominated Trustee Director since February 2013, Peter brings substantial pension experience, having been a Trustee of many of the schemes of his former employers.


Trevor Lambeth

Trevor joined Schneider Electric in 1988 and has held various finance and systems roles throughout the business. He is currently Vice President - Finance. Trevor is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Corporate Treasurers. He was appointed to the Board in December 2018.